Patent of the Day: Culvert

On this day in 1903, the patent for Culvert was granted. U.S. Patent No. 739,686.

Patent of the Day: Garment Supporting Device

On this day in 1906, the patent for Garment Supporting Device was granted. U.S. Patent No. 831,390.

Patent of the Day: Suction Carpet Sweeper

On this day in 1913, the patent for Suction Carpet Sweeper was granted. U.S. Patent No. 1,073,301.

Patent of the Day: Combined Coat Collar and Head Covering

On this day in 1891, the patent for Combined Coat Collar and Head Covering was granted. U.S. Patent No. 459,606.

Patent of the Day: Wagon Seat

On this day in 1908 the patent application for Wagon Seat was filed. U.S. Patent No. 911,024.

Patent of the Day: Building Remodeling Apparatus

On this day in 1934 the patent application for Building Remodeling Apparatus was granted. U.S. Patent No. 1,973,346.

Patent of the Day: Veterinary Dental Instrument

On this day in 1907 the patent application for Veterinary Dental Instrument was granted. U.S. Patent No. 865,551.

Straight Shot Demo Day

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Patent of the Day: Nail Extractor

On this day in 1902 the patent application for Nail Extractor was granted. U.S. Patent No. 708,841.

Patent of the Day: Water Velocipede

On this day in 1903 the patent application for Velocipede was granted. U.S. Patent No. 738,171.

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Patent of the Day: Combined Scissors and Comb for Barbers’ Use

On this day in 1901 the patent application for Combined Scissors and Comb for Barbers' Use was granted. U.S. Patent No. 681,740.

Silicon Prairie Awards 2015

We are proud to announce that our own Matt Poulsen has been nominated for Service Provider of the Year.  Please come support him and other great…

Patent of the Day: Mustache Guard

On this day in 1890 the patent application for Mustache Guard was granted. U.S. Patent No. 435,748.

Patent of the Day: Kinetographic Camera

On this day in 1897 the patent application for Kinetographic Camera was granted. U.S. Patent No. 589,168.

Patent of the Day: Extrusion of Metals

On this day in 1928 the patent application for Extrusion of Metals was granted. U.S. Patent No. 1,682,399.

Patent of the Day: Reed Organ

On this day in 1895 the patent application for Reed Organ was granted. U.S. Patent No. 545,100.

Patent of the Day: Television System

On this day in 1930 the patent application for Television System was granted. U.S. Patent No. 1,773,980.

Patent of the Day: Girdle

On this day in 1943 the patent application for Girdle was filed. U.S. Patent No. 2,381,232.

Patent of the Day: Waffle Iron

On this day in 1869 the patent application for Waffle Iron was granted. U.S. Patent No. 94,043.