Suiter Swantz IP Top Patent-issuing Firm in Nebraska

We are proud to announce that Suiter Swantz IP has been ranked as one of the top patent-issuing firms of 2021 by Harrity Analytics! These rankings are based on the total number of U.S. utility patents issued by the Firm in 2021.  Suiter Swantz IP is the top patent-issuing law firm in Nebraska and ranks in the top 10 in the 6-state region, including Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota (and 187 nationally).

Our patent attorneys and trademark attorneys represent a wide array of clients ranging from startups and individual inventors to multi-billion dollar corporations.



Suiter Swantz IP is a full-service intellectual property law firm providing client-centric patenttrademark, and copyright services. If you need assistance with an intellectual property matter and would like to speak with one of our attorneys, please contact us at