As we countdown to the new year, there are so many inventions to help us celebrate.

From festive accessories to champagne, new years celebrations are filled with patented innovations. Below are three of our favorite New Years Eve inventions to help you kick-off 2021.

1. Safety Champagne Cork – U.S Patent No. 4,474,302

While popping champagne is a New Years Eve tradition for many, this invention helps keep New Years Eve safe. To help solve the issue of corks accidentally releasing too soon, the invention includes a removable safety closure device. The device can only be used on bottles containing pressurized liquids, such as corked champagne or sparkling wines. When you’re ready to pop the cork, you simply tear off the closure.

2. Novelty Eye-glass Frames – U.S. Patent No. 335,134

To represent the new year in style, New Years Eve themed glasses have been a popular statement accessory since their invention in 1993. Each new year, the glasses represent the upcoming year. Typically, the numbers of the new year are molded around the frames of the glasses. While they are festive to wear on New Years Eve, the glasses have also become collectibles.


3. Ball-Drop Apparatus – U.S. Patent No. US20050138851A1

A popular way to celebrate the new year is to watch the ball drop in New York City’s Times Square. Since 1907, watching the illuminating ball drop has been a holiday tradition. While there have been many different apparatuses to help keep this tradition alive, this 2005 version continues to help make the tradition run smoother.


No matter how you celebrate the new year, everyone at Suiter Swantz IP wishes you a happy and healthy 2021!

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