Theresa L. Cleveland

Theresa L. Cleveland

Intellectual Property Docketing Specialist

Theresa Cleveland joined Suiter Swantz IP in 2021 as an Intellectual Property Docketing Specialist. Theresa has extensive experience in docketing. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Arts degree.

Theresa holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Troy, Michigan. She also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Theresa has extensive experience in docketing. Prior to joining Suiter Swantz IP, Theresa worked for large and small boutique IP law firms and in the IP departments of full-service law firms.

When she’s not working, Theresa enjoys watching the wildlife in her yard, hiking through the woods, cooking and baking and, most of all, hanging out and laughing with her family.

  • Education

    Bachelor of Business Administration from Walsh College
    Master of Arts from Wayne State University

Suiter Swantz IP, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Omaha, NE

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