Today, May 25, 2018, is the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo: A Star Wars Story is an installment of the Star Wars franchise which kicked off on May 25, 1997, when the intergalactic thriller Star Wars opened for the first time.

The film series has received seven Oscars and in the United States has earned $4.4 billion, internationally it has raked in $9 billion.

When the film series was released it was touted for its groundbreaking special effects and cinematography. From there it became an overnight success and has grown immeasurably. It has given rise to five feature films, five television series, Legos®, toys, cartoon series, video games, and many more.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is predicted to make $160-$170 million at the box office this weekend alone.

Below we look at some of the design patents associated with the Star Wars Franchise.


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