On this day in 1921 the patent for Shaving Implement was granted. U.S. Patent No. 1,690,133.

The Shaving Implement was invented by Jacob Schick, from Stamford, Connecticut. This patent application was granted on November 6, 1928 as U.S. Patent No. 1,690,133.

The Shaving Implement was designed to provide a shaving implement that does not require the usual prior application of lather or its equivalent to the face as the cutting of the hair can be done while the face and hairs are comparatively dry.

This invention operates on the principle that a hair is brittle tubular filament having a central medulla or pith usually containing some air and can be severed by engaging opposed sides of the hair and snipping it, sometimes without cutting all the way through. A hair when so snipped, will part with a slight spring as will any brittle filament and a sharp edge on one side with a stationary or moveable edge on the other side will snip the hair.

Schick has become a household name when it comes to razors and other shaving products. Jacob Schick has been cited on multiple other patents and his original razor inventions have opened the doors for others improve, invent and create many other types of razors.

He has also been credited as being one of the first inventors to invent the Shaving Machine (electric razor) U.S. Patent No, 1,757,978. The idea for this razor came to him while he was recuperating from an injury he sustained while doing gold exploration. With time on his hands he drew up plans for the shaver that would be powered by a grapefruit-sized motor. As with a lot of inventions manufacturers rejected the product and he went back to the drawing board to perfect the razor. 1

Norelco took over Schick in 1981 but they have expanded and developed this brand and they are now one of the top leading retailors for razors and shaving products.

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