On this day in 1891 Elijah J. Bond was granted the patent for TOY OR GAME (Ouija Board). U.S. Patent No. 446,054.

This invention relates to improvements in toys or games, which is designated as an “Ouija or Egyptian luck-board,” and the objects of the invention are to produce a toy or game by which two or more persons can amuse themselves by asking questions of any kind and having them answered by the device used and operated by the touch of the hand, so that the answers are designated by letters on a board.

The invention consists of a board of suitable thickness, having the letters of the alphabet printed, painted, engraved, or affixed upon it in any suitable manner, but flush with the surface, and also the numerals from 1 to 0, inclusive, as well as other configurations, and in conjunction therewith of a peculiarly-shaped table having legs and a pointer, and said table to be operated by the hand when placed upon said board.