Ashley E. Holland

Ashley E. Holland

Technical Advisor and Law Clerk

Ashley Holland is a technical advisor and law clerk at Suiter Swantz IP. Ashley received her B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Physics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Ashley currently attends Creighton University School of Law and is expected to receive her Juris Doctor May 2021.

Ashley is the President of the Intellectual Property Society, a member of Creighton’s National Patent Drafting Competition Team, which placed 3rd nationally, and a participant of the International Trademark Association’s Regional Moot Court Competition.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys cooking, going for long walks in her neighborhood, and re-reading her favorite Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes books.


  • Education

    Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Minor in Physics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Juris Doctor candidate May 2021

  • Honors & Affiliations

    President of the Intellectual Property Society

    Participant of National Patent Drafting Competition

    Participant of International Trademark Association's Regional Moot Court Competition

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