On this day in 1978 a patent for “Motorcycle Headlight Tilt” was issued (Patent No. 4,121,278).


Government unlikely to soften stance on IPR law (moneycontrol.com)
Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), India

No Patents on seeds! Stop the Monsantos! (no-patents-on-seeds.org)
Keywords: Monsantos, Seed Patents, EPO

Sherry Knowles Addresses Real World Impact of Myriad-Mayo Guidance at BIO Symposium (Patent Docs)
Keywords: Myriad, Mayo, Biotech, Pharmaceutical Patents, Infringement

People Are Property Again [100 Words Into The Future] (Forbes)
Keywords: Biotech Patents, Patent Trolls, Infringement, GeneTeknika

German IP lawyers evaluate litigation results, ask whether patents are merely ‘paper tigers’ (Foss Patents)
Keywords: Patents, Infringement, Software Patents, Smartphone Patents

On this day in 1979 a patent for “Rechargeable Flashlight” was issued
(Patent No. 4,171,534)


US Supreme Court split in battle over Teva MS drug patent (The Jerusalem Post)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patents, Teva, Drug Patents, Pharmaceutical Patents

Teva v. Sandoz and Claim Construction Deference (Patently-O)
Keywords: Teva v. Sandoz, Federal Circuit, Supreme Court, Claim Construction

On this day in 1885 a patent for “Microscope” was issued
(Patent No. 328,277)


On this day in 1855 a patent for “Sewing Machine” was issued
(Patent No. 13,661)


Patent trolling pays: Since 2010, trolls have made 3 times as much money in court as real companies (Gigaom)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Patent Trolls, Non-Practicing Entity

Have a Brilliant Idea? How to Keep it Safe. (Entrepreneur)
Keywords: Intellectual Property Protection, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

The New Role for Post Grant Review Proceedings (Patently-O)
Keywords: Post Grant Review Proceedings, First to File, Patent Validity, America Invents Act

Malcolm Gladwell on What Really Makes People Disruptive (Inc.)
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Disrupters

Genius invents machine gun that makes and fires paper airplanes (SPLOID)
Keywords: Invention, Paper Airplane

Alice decision a big reason for sharp fall in US patent litigation, says Mark Lemley (IAM)
Keywords: Patent Litigation, Alice v. CLS

Why are new patent suits down 40 percent? (Ars Technica)
Keywords: Patent Litigation, Intellectual Property

On this day in 1924 a patent for “Motor Cycle” was issued
(Patent No. 1,510,937)

10.07.1924_Motor Cycle_US1510937A

Who Invented Pasteurization? (skeptic.com)
Keywords: Pasteurization, Inventors, Patents

Software Patents are Only as Dead as Schrödinger’s Cat (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, Software Patent Eligibility

IBM Patent Applications: Business, Medical Data Analysis (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, IBM, Patents, Watson Analytics

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