On this day in 1990 a patent for “Single Chip Integrated Circuit Computer Architecture” was issued
(Patent No. 4,942,516)


Notre Dame Adds Online Patent Course (Inside Indiana Business)
Keywords: Certificate in Patent Prosecution, Notre Dame, Intellectual Property

Adam Carolla On How He’s Going To Beat The Patent Trolls In His Upcoming $3M Trial (Askmen.com Canada)
Keywords: Patent Infringement, IP Infringement, Patent, Non-Operating Entity

When Watson Met Siri: Apple’s IBM Deal Could Make Siri a Lot Smarter (VentureBeat)
Keywords: Siri, Apple Inc, IBM Corporation, Watson

Tesla Can Keep Its Patents (Op-Ed) (LiveScience)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Patent License, Telsa Motors

The Original Patent for the Slip ‘N Slide (The Atlantic)
Keywords: Patent, Aquatic Slide

Water Technologies International, Inc. Announces Receipt of Patent Certificate from the Intellectual Properties Office of the Peoples Republic of China for the Company’s Atmospheric Water Generation Technology (Eteligis)
Keywords: Patent Certificate, China, Intellectual Property

The Apollo 11 Launch Wasn’t Just Historic, It was Beautiful (Space.io9.com)
Keywords: Apollo 11, Kennedy Space Center, Moon Landing

Inventors Struggle to Protect Patents in Africa (Reuters)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Africa, Patent

On this day in 1946 a patent for “Aircraft Propulsion System and Power Unit” was issued
(Patent No. 2,404,334)


Adapt IP Ventures Retained to Monetize Patents Related to Forming Virtual Networks and Consumer Electronics Device Management (HispanicBusiness.com)
Keywords: TP Lab, Adapt IP Ventures, Patents, Intellectual Property

Why Bother with Patents? (InsideCounsel)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patents

How the Supreme Court’s Reverse Payments Decision May Affect General Patent Litigation (InsideCounsel)
Keywords: Patent Litigation, IP Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Federal Circuit Reverses District Court and Orders Stay Pending Covered Business Method Patent Review (JD Supra)
Keywords: Covered Business Method, Patent Litigation, America Invents Act, IP Litigation

Fundamental Chemistry Findings Could Help Extend Moore’s Law (Berkeley Lab News Center)
Keywords: Moore’s Law, Photoresist, Microprocessors, Semiconductors

45 Years Ago We Landed Men on the Moon (The Atlantic)
Keywords: Apollo 11, NASA, Moon Landing

Inventergy Files Patent Infringement Suit (Marketwired)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Infringement

On this day in 1879 a patent for “Improvement in Looms” was issued
(Patent No. 217,589)


From Prince’s Keytar to Bing Crosby’s Sash Window: Celebrity Patents in Pictures (The Guardian/The Observer)
Keywords: Celebrity Inventors, Prince, Keytar

The Patent Cliff: Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Machines Like Us)
Keywords: Pharmaceutical Patents, Patent Cliff, Patent Expiration

Are Computer-Implemented Inventions Patent Eligible? Go ask Alice (WinTech)
Keywords: Computer-Implemented Inventions, Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank

Patent System Encouraging People To Try To Reinvent The Wheel (Techdirt)
Keywords: Wheel Patent, Wheel-based Inventions

On this day in 1868 a patent for “Improvement in Tape Measures” was issued
(Patent No. 79,965)


China IP Protection Is Possible (China Law Blog)
Keywords: IP Protection, Intellectual Property Protection, China

The TROL Act is Not Enough To Stop Patent Trolls (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Keywords: Targeting Rogue and Opaque Letters Act, TROL Act

On this day in 1989 a patent for “Spray System for Sun Tanning” was issued
(Patent No. 4,846,525)


Federal Circuit Sends Patent Case to Eighth Circuit (Patently-O)
Keywords: Patent Infringement Appeal, US Water Services, Inc. v. ChemTreat

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