On this day in 1975 a patent for “Single Handle Water Faucet” was issued (Patent No. 3,915,195)


Is Patent Valuation a Leading Indicator of Trolls’ Demise? (Copyfight.Corante.com)
Keywords: Patent Trolls, Patents, Non-Practicing Entities, Infringement

Software as an Abstract Idea (Patently-O)
Keywords: Software Patents, Alice Corp., Mayo, and 35 U.S.C. 101, Amdocs v. Openet Telecom

Anyone Ever Done This Before? Patent Office Turns to Crowdsourcing (Nextgov)
Keywords: USPTO, Crowdsourcing

Missing or Wrong Inventors? (Slaw)
Keywords: Patent Applications, PCT, Intellectual Property

On this day in 1936 a patent for “Light Intensity Self-Adjusting Camera” was issued (Patent No. 2,058,562)


On this day in 1894 a patent for “Garment Clasp” was issued (Patent No. 527,887).


Has Alice Really Changed The §101 Standard for Patentability of Business Method Claims? (IP Law Alert)
Keywords: Alice v. CLS Bank, Patentability, Business Method Claims

Depriving property rights Is patently offensive (Human Events)
Keywords: Property Rights, Patents, Intellectual Property

On this day in 1902 a patent for “Hunter’s Lamp” was issued (Patent No. 711,871).

10.21.1902_Hunters Lamp_US0711871A

MVS Filewrapper® Blog: Is the Supreme Court Re-Aiming Markman? (filewrapper.com)
Keywords: Markman, Claim Construction, Patents, Intellectual Property

The Importance of Keeping an Expansive View of the Invention (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Invention, Patent Application

Fast-track patent program help businesses sue patent infringers faster (Washington Post)
Keywords: Patent Infringement, Patents

Federal Circuit Orders Eastern District Of Texas Patent Suit Stayed (Forbes)
Keywords: Federal Circuit, Infringement, Patents, Intellectual Property

How Patent Lawyers Analyze Alice v. CLS Bank (Techrights)
Keywords: Alice v. CLS Bank, Software Patents, Intellectual Property

China Turns From ‘Pirate’ Nation To Giant Patent Troll (Techdirt)
Keywords: China, Patent Trolls, Non-practicing Entity

The Vast Middle Ground of Hybrid Functional Claim Elements (Patently-O)
Keywords: Patent Claim Elements, Patents, Intellectual Property

Bloomberg post: “a strong preference by the Supreme Court to tell the Federal Circuit that it should stop thinking of itself as Lord of the Patents” (IPBIZ)
Keywords: Supreme Court, Federal Circuit, Patents, Intellectual Property

Seventh Circuit Reminds Attorneys to Conduct “Reasonable Amount of Legal Research” Before Filing Claims (JD Supra)
Keywords: Seventh Circuit, Infringement, Patents, Intellectual Property

iVoice Enterprises files rectification petition with Intellectual Property Appellate Board (Economic Times)
Keywords: iVoice, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Apple Inc.

Federal appeals court rejects Georgia State U.’s ’10-percent rule’ for determining fair use @insidehighered (Inside Higher ED)
Keywords: Cambridge v. Patton, Fair Use, Copyright

Africa: Multilingual Patent Database Created to Propel Innovation (AllAfrica)
Keywords: World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, Multilingual Database

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Software Patents (Gust)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Start-ups

Randolph May & Seth Cooper: Intellectual Property Rights Under the Constitution’s Rule of Law (Originalism Blog)
Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights, Constitution

On this day in 1978 a patent for “Motorcycle Headlight Tilt” was issued (Patent No. 4,121,278).


Government unlikely to soften stance on IPR law (moneycontrol.com)
Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), India

No Patents on seeds! Stop the Monsantos! (no-patents-on-seeds.org)
Keywords: Monsantos, Seed Patents, EPO

Sherry Knowles Addresses Real World Impact of Myriad-Mayo Guidance at BIO Symposium (Patent Docs)
Keywords: Myriad, Mayo, Biotech, Pharmaceutical Patents, Infringement

People Are Property Again [100 Words Into The Future] (Forbes)
Keywords: Biotech Patents, Patent Trolls, Infringement, GeneTeknika

German IP lawyers evaluate litigation results, ask whether patents are merely ‘paper tigers’ (Foss Patents)
Keywords: Patents, Infringement, Software Patents, Smartphone Patents

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