On this day in 1903, a patent for “School Desk” was issued (Patent 727,438)

05.05.1903_School Desk_US0727438A

Patent Reform Makes a Comeback (LI)
Keywords: Patent Reform, Innovation, Litigation

USPTO First Action Timing (Patently-O)
Keywords: Patent Reform, Innovation, Litigation
Keywords: Patents, USPTO

On this day in 1886, a patent for “Recording and Reproducing Speech and Other Sounds” was issued (Patent 341,214)


PATENT Act a ‘Reform’ for Big Corporations (Techrights)
Keywords: Patents, Patent Reform

Senate patent bill faces hard sell (The Hill)
Keywords: Patents, Patent Reform, Patent Bill

Fundamental Innovation Peaked in 1870 and Why That’s a Good Thing (Motherboard)
Keywords: Innovation, Inventions, Technology, Patents

Upper Midwest Jazzed Up About Expansion of Patent Pro Bono Program (IP Watchdog)
Keywords: Patents, USPTO, Patent Pro Bono Program

On this day in 1899, a patent for “Graphophone” was issued
(Patent 624,301)


Congress Again Targets NPEs
Keywords: Patents, Infringement, Litigation, Patent Reform

The language of invention: Most innovations are rephrasings of past inventions (Science Daily)
Keywords: Inventions, Innovation, Patents

Senate Patent Bill Gets White House Plaudits (Roll Call)
Keywords: Patents, PATENT Act

Biosig Instruments, Inc. V. Nautilus, Inc. (uscourts.gov)
Keywords: Patents, Biosig Instruments, Nautilus, Litigation

Intellectual property laws in China, India are flawed, claims US govt without irony (The Register)
Keywords: Intellectual Property Law, Copyrights, China, India

On this day in 1924, a patent for “Compensating Propeller” was issued (Patent 1,491,997)


Patent Reform 2.0 – The Next Round of Patent Reform (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Patent Reform, Innovation Act, TROL Act, STRONG Patents Act

Google Attempts to Fight (Gizmodo)
Keywords: Patents, NPEs, Google

Patent Integrity: An Appeal to College Presidents (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Patents, Patent Reform

7 Ways to Save Thousands of Dollars on Patents and Legal Fees (Inc.)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patents, IP Strategy

OVERNIGHT TECH: Senate patent bill coming soon (The Hill)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Patent Reform

EFF To Federal Circuit (EFF)
Keywords: Patents, Litigation, Infringement

Apple wins China patent appeal over iPhone ‘Siri’ voice recognition software (South China Morning Post)
Keywords: Apple, Patents, China

USPTO Launches Automated Patent Application Alert Service (IP Spotlight)
Keywords: USPTO, Published Patent Applications

On this day in 1940, a patent for “Ventilating Apparatus” was issued (Patent 2,198,420)


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