On this day in 1901 a patent for “Cooler” was issued (Patent No. 687,101)


On this day in 1900 a patent for “Method of Recording and Reproducing Sounds or Signals” was issued (Patent No. 661,619)


Why Supreme Court’s Alice ruling doesn’t solve patent troll problem (The Hill)
Keywords: Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank, Patent Troll, Infringement, Patent Reform

On this day in 1930 a patent for “Refrigeration” was issued (Patent No. 1,781,541)


Real Patent Reform Should Strengthen Property Rights, Not Weaken Them (Forbes)
Keywords: Patent Reform, Patent System, Intellectual Property

Judge Richard Linn, First and Foremost a Patent Attorney (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Richard Linn, Patent Attorney, IPO Award

On this day in 1885 a patent for “Wheel Plow” was issued (Patent No. 330,252)


On this day in 1979 a patent for “Color Blended Yarns with Enhanced Luminosity” was issued (Patent No. 4,173,678)


Contest Factory Awarded Third U.S. Patent for Contest Systems (VentureBeat)
Keywords: Contest Factory, Interactive Contests, Patents

Fighting Intellectual Property Crime On The Internet (Europol)
Keywords: Internet, Counterfeit, Intellectual Property Infringement

Patent Reform 2015: Republican Agenda (Patently-O)
Keywords: Patent Law, Patent Reform

St. Louis Startup Juristat Is Transforming The Legal World (Techli)
Keywords: Juristat, Proprietary Algorithm

Republican win in US Senate breathes life into patent legislation (Reuters)
Keywords: Patent Legislation, Patent Reform

Federal Circuit Benchslaps Prominent Patent Practitioner (Above the Law)
Keywords: Federal Circuit, Judge Rader, Edward Reines

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