On this day in 1922 a patent for “Fountain Pen” was issued
(Patent No. 1,412,930)

04.18.1922_Fountain Pen_US1412930A

On this day in 2002 a patent for “Yo-Yo and Method for Using a Yo-Yo” was issued
(Patent No. 6,371,824)

04.16.2002_Yo Yo_US6371824B1

On this day in 1893 a patent for “Valve” was issued
(Patent No. 495,064)


On this day in 1901 a patent for “Sight for Firearms” was issued
(Patent No. 671,609)

04.09.1901_Sight for Firearms_US0671609A

Singapore Launces S$100M Intellectual Property Financing Schemen & First One-Stop IP Service Centre (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore)
Keywords: Innovation, Patent

IBM Claims New Patent For Mobile Security Technology (CIO)
Keywords: Innovation, Patent

Rovi Loses Patent Fight With Amazon in U.S. Appeals Court (Reuters)
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Subcommittee Seeks a Solution to End Abusive Patent Demand Letters (Energy & Commerce Committee)
Keywords: Patent Reform

Patently Unfair: Why The Senate Must Act to Club the Trolls (Business Insider)
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Myths of the Patent Wars: An “Explosion of Patent Litigation” Greater Than Any in History? (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: NPE/Trolls, Patent Litigation

Beyond Biglaw: Candid Camera (Above The Law)
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Federal Circuit Tosses $1 Billion Patent Suit against Qualcomm (EyeonIP)
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A Primer on Patents: Who’s Getting Them, Where and How Long It’s Taking (Infographic) (Entrepreneur)
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