On this day in 1923 a patent for “Two-stroke Cycle Internal Combustion Engine and Scavenging and Charging Process Thereof” was issued (Patent No. 1,477,994)

12.18.1923_Two Stroke Cycle_US1477994A

From Enphase to Wanxiang, How Cleantech Companies Are Building Patent Portfolios (Greentech Media)
Keywords: Cleantech, Patent Portfolios, Patents, Intellectual Property

FTC Commissioner Looks Back, And Ahead, On Patent Litigation Reform Efforts (Forbes)
Keywords: Patent Litigation, Patent Reform, FTC

Myriad, Omaha Steaks, Kudelski: Intellectual Property (Bloomberg)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Litigation, Infringement

Correction: Michelle Lee on Patent Reform (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Patent Reform, USPTO, Michelle Lee

On this day in 1851 a patent for “Stethoscope and Ear Trumpet” was issued (Patent No. 8,591)


1998: Federal Circuit Says Yes to Business Methods (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patents, Business Methods

Secret Examination Procedures at the USPTO: My Experience with SAWS (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: USPTO, Sesitive Application Warning System, SAWS

China dwarfs rivals in patent applications (Telecomasia.net)
Keywords: China, Patents, Intellectual Property

Court Ruling: EA’s Anti-Piracy Software Is Patent Infringing (TechDirt)
Keywords: Patent Infringement, Patents, Software

Nutrient Protecting ‘Peanut Brittle’ for Cattle Receives Patent (Newswise)
Keywords: Patents, Livestock Nutrients

Jurisdictional jostling over patent, copyright policy — The Senate wraps up its work — New on Commerce, Peters, Udall and Manchin (Politico)
Keywords: Copyrights, Patents, Reform

USPTO Releases Patent Eligibility Guidance (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Patent Eligibility Guidance, USPTO

Patent Picks: Perovskite Solar Cells (cen.acs.org)
Keywords: Patents, Solar Cells

On this day in 1891 a patent for “Working Barrel Attachment and Combination of Valves” was issued (Patent No. 464,785)

12.8.1891_Working Barrel_US0464785A

On this day in 1906 a patent for “Railway Crossing Alarm” was issued (Patent No. 837,643)


Chinese phone maker claims it patented the iPhone 6 before Apple
Keywords: iPhone 6, Digione, Patent Infringement

On this day in 1942 a patent for “Ironing Element” was issued (Patent No. 2,303,860)


If US had a patent law like ours, they would discover many more drugs: Anand Grover (The Times of India)
Keywords: India, IP, TRIPS, WTO

What the Courts Did to Curb Patent Trolling—for Now (The Atlantic)
Keywords: Patent Trolls, IP, Intellectual Property, Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank

British Intellectual Property Office Getting Serious About Consumer 3D Printing (3D Printing Industry)
Keywords: British IP Office, 3D Printing, Intellectual Property

The state of patents in Europe (and 600 million reasons for you to care) (Tech EU)
Keywords: Patents, Europe, EPO

The Evolution of Prosthetic Devices: A Patent History (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Prosthetic Devices, Patents, Bionic Development

Patent awarded for synthetic compounds with medical applications (EurekAlert)
Keywords: Patent, Synthetic Compounds

USPTO’s Swelling Examiner Rolls (Patently-O)
Keywords: USPTO, Patent Examiners

The History of Software Patents in the United States (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Patents, Software

Citing non-existent foreign “trolls” to justify US patent reform is despicable dog whistle politics (iam Magazine)
Keywords: Patent Trolls, Patent Reform

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