On this day in 1893 a patent for “Clasp Locker or Unlocker for Shoes” was issued
(Patent No. 504,038)


On this day in 1930 a patent for “Television System” was issued
(Patent No. 1,773,980)


New initiatives could halve turnaround time for IP applications (Channel News Asia)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patent Prosecution Highway, ASEAN

H-W Technology, L.C. v. Overstock.com, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2014) (Patent Docs)
Keywords: Patent Claims, Infringement

On this day in 1868 a patent for “Improved Burial-Case” was issued
(Patent No. 81,437)


1885: J. O. Lose’s patent unicycle (Retronaut)
Keywords: Unicycle, Patent

Are Patents Like The Three This Photographer Holds Harmful Or Ultimately Helpful For Our Industry? (DY Photography)
Keywords: Patents, Photography

Biomet settles with patent troll, loses European bone cement suit (MassDevice)
Keywords: Patent Infringement, Biomet

Why big companies struggle with innovation (The Next Web)
Keywords: Patents, Innovation

Readers Respond to “A Crisis In Physics?” (Scientific American)
Keywords: Physics

The Evolution of Bicycles: A Patent History (IPWatchdog)
Keywords: Bicycles, Patent

Supreme Court Issues Decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank (JD Supra)
Keywords: Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank, Supreme Court, Patent Infringement

Disney files patent applications to use drones in its theme parks (Orlando Sentinel)
Keywords: Patents, Drones

On this day in 1911 a patent for “Marine Propulsion Mechanism” was issued
(Patent No. 1,001,260)


Over 40 companies involved in content delivery join Unified Patents to fight patent trolls (Inside Counsel)
Keywords: Inter-Partes Reviews, Unified Patents, Non-Practicing Patent Entities, Patents, Intellectual Property

Accelerating ex parte PTAB Appeals: For a Fee (Patently-O)
Keywords: Ex Parte Appeals, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Patents, Intellectual Property

Federal Circuit Ignores Jury Finding of Non-Obviousness (IP Watchdog)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Infringement

The 2017 total solar eclipse awarded to the United States (kottke.org)
Keywords: Solar Eclipse

CAFC explores double-patenting in Abbvie v. Kennedy Institute; Kennedy loses. (IPBIZ)
Keywords: Patents, Intellectual Property, Double-Patenting

U.S. Copyright Office: Photos Taken by a Monkey Can’t Be Copyrighted (Mashable)
Keywords: Copyright, Intellectual Property

How Canada Shaped the Copyright Rules in the EU Trade Deal (Michael Geist)
Keywords: Copyright, European Trade Agreement, Intellectual Property

On this day in 1923 a patent for “Hydrocarbon-Fuel Burner” was issued
(Patent No. 1,465,422)


Issa probes telework scam at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (The Blaze)
Keywords: USPTO, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Telework

Abusing Intellectual-Property Rights (National Review)
Keywords: Intellectual Property, Non-Practicing Patent Entities, Patents

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