On this day in 1969, a patent for “Transparent Recording Disc” was issued (Patent 3,430,966)

03.04.1969_Transparent Recording Disc_US3430966A

On this day in 1936, a patent for “Pocket Lighter” was issued (Patent 2,032,695)

03.03.1936_Pocket Lighter_US2032695A

On this day in 1837, a patent for “Improvement in Propelling Machinery by Magnetism and Electro-Magnetism” was issued (Patent 132)


On this day in 1959 a patent for “Purification of Secondary Butyl Alcohol” was issued (Patent 2,875,138)


EFF: Here’s how to fix patents in America (Boing Boing)
Keywords: Patents, Patent Reform, Patent System

NPE serve valuable role in innovation, Stanford expert says (Sanford Report)
Keywords: Non-practicing Entity, Technology, Innovation

China tops patent applications list in 2014 (news.xinhuanet.com)
Keywords: China, Patent Applications, Invention Patents

On this day in 1903 a patent for “Toy” was issued (Patent 720,876).


Innovation Act 2.0 gets it all wrong — will destroy startup IP value (VentureBeat)
Keywords: Innovation Act, Startups, Intellectual Property Value

Welcome to the Detroit startup scene (VentureBeat)
Keywords: Startups, Detroit, Entrepreneurs

Patent Review Decision Brings Some Certainty To A Fast-Changing World (Forbes)
Keywords: Patent Litigation, Patent Reform, AIA

Ford fights back (Auto Blog)
Keywords: Ford, Patent Litigation, Non-practicing Entity

Congress To Revisit Patent Litigation Reform With New “Innovation Act” (JD Supra)
Keywords: Innovation Act, Patent Litigation Reform

Patent Law Gone Awry: How Bob Goodlatte’s Bill Combines Useless Rigidity With Dangerous Discretion (Forbes)
Keywords: Innovation Act, Patent Litigation Reform

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